Mobile Display For Oppo A11x Folder LCD Screen With Touch Screen

Mobile Display For Oppo A11x Folder LCD Screen With Touch Screen

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Model:- Oppo A11x
Item Model Number:- Oppo A11x
Compatible Devices:- Oppo A11x
Model Code:- A11x
Form Factor:- Display Folder
Mounting Hardware:- Touch Screen / Lcd Original
Type:- Touch Screen Original
Part:- Display folder Original

Replace your damaged Oppo A11x Original Lcd Folder display with this new high quality Oppo A11x Lcd Folder display.Item is made up of the same material that comes with the phone with exactly same fitting.This is easy to replace,you just need to remove your old damage Lcd Folder display and use this spare Lcd Folder display to the same place,not required any professional help. This is a replacement for Oppo A11x, When your Oppo A11x is having problems in Touch screen, touch, or you have damaged the dock connector in any way, then this is the part you need to repair. This lcd screen allows you to sync and show screen your device. All pieces are checked before dispatch for quality as well as any for manufacturing defects. we committed for high quality Oppo A11x Flex Port,value for money goods with affordable pricing for customers.